Our Commitment to Military Veterans

Our services are always FREE to Military Veterans. Let our talented team of experienced recruiters match your skills to outstanding jobs.

  • No agreements to sign
  • Free resume updates
  • Free career counseling
  • Free Military Veteran Snapshot to enhance your resume

The Military Veteran Snapshot provides employers with a better understanding of the soft-skills and intangibles that make you an ideal fit for their company. Vet2Tech has been helping Military Veterans and transitioning military job seekers find employment opportunities in manufacturing and technical careers nationwide since 2012.

Helping you get started

Military resumes don’t always translate well to the civilian workforce. They are often too lengthy and detailed, leaving hiring managers confused, and often results in the rejection of an excellent candidate. We will present your resume as a product that sells you!

Remember: If your resume doesn’t get read, you won’t get the interview. If you don’t get the interview, you won’t get hired. It’s that simple.

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Resume Writing Assistance

We consider a well-written resume crucial to job placement. Hiring managers consider resumes a reflection of who a candidate is. A resume needs to be clear and concise about skillsets, soft-skills and experience. It needs to catch the attention of hiring managers.

  • We will assist in transforming your military resume into a job-specific, pertinent, easily readable document that highlights your special skills and experience
  • We will make your military experience stand out
  • We have experienced Certified Resume Writers and former Human Resource professionals on our team
  • We create an exclusive Veteran Snapshot for every candidate. Snapshots give employers a personal glimpse into who you are as a candidate. It will pique their interest in you and make them want to learn more. It is not something you will find in the body of your resume.
  • Our job is to SELL you as a candidate
Skills Review – The Tangibles and Intangibles

One of our experienced recruiters will go over the skillsets listed on your resume and match them to the employer job description. We will identify your technical skills as well as your soft-skills set. These techniques will assure that you are presented as the best possible candidate for the job. Any updates or clarifications needed will be highlighted or added to your resume.

Priority Consideration by Employers

Our employer partners expect the best from us … and you should too! When you work with our team, you can expect priority consideration from our hiring network. Each of our employer partners has an agreement in place with Vet2Tech and most review our candidates first.

Interview Preparation

As part of our commitment to our candidates, we will make sure you are well-prepared and comfortable for the interview process. We will provide a full job description, access to information about the employer available in the public domain, and go over possible questions that may come up in your interview.

Salary Negotiation

When an offer has been made you can rest assured that Vet2Tech will be in your corner. We do our research as to relative industry compensation in the geographic market where the job is located. In addition to base wage negotiation, we also make sure you are considering bonuses, vacation time, health insurance, travel benefits, over-time and a 401K match. All these factors need to be considered when accepting an offer. Vet2Tech is committed to making sure there is a fair and equitable offer presented.

Throughout the process Vet2Tech was informative, encouraging, and helped me understand how my military qualities were well suited for the industries they represent.

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Matt D. | U.S. Marine Corps | Titusville, FL


I can say without any reservation that Vet2Tech has been the most positive experience I have EVER had with looking for a job.

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Bruce H. | U.S. Air Force | Irving, TX


Vet2tech worked with me personally and followed through with me until I was hired by a manufacturing company in my area.

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Brandon L. | U.S. Marine Corps Reserve | Los Angeles, CA


I was skeptical because many organizations say they want to help veterans, but few really do. Within a day [of speaking with Vet2Tech] I had job interviews scheduled with four companies.

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Michael S. | U.S. Army | Colorado Springs, CO


The position I received just one week after my initial call from [Vet2Tech] isn’t just any job… it’s the right job! It is just the type of work I had been searching for...

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Michael C. | U.S. Air Force | Evergreen Park, IL