Our 12-Step Recruiting Process has proven to be a highly successful methodology for helping us find outstanding candidates that are the right fit for the job and the right fit for the company.

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Complete Job Intake Questionnaire with client

The recruiter assigned to a search will conduct an in-depth interview with the employer partner to identify additional criteria not evident in the job description, making a candidate an ideal fit for the position and the company.

Post job in Vet2Tech Career Center

All job opportunities are posted in the Career Center. Job seeking candidates will have the ability to apply directly to positions through the Career Center. Resumes are reviewed by our recruiters and qualified candidates will be contacted to set up Prescreening Interviews.

Search Candidate Database for potential candidates

Our proprietary Candidate Database contains thousands of resumes of candidates we have already prescreened for certain skills. Each candidate resume is tagged with data that allows our recruiters to quickly search for and match potential candidates to employer partners nationwide.

Distribute job to proprietary Veteran Connector Network

Our proprietary Veteran Connector Database helps Vet2Tech recruiters rapidly connect employment opportunities with more than a thousand Veteran-connectors nationwide, who directly provide career counseling and employment services to our nation’s Veterans.

Leverage external resources to search for candidates

Vet2Tech recruiters have access to a wide range of the most up-to-date resources helping them search for and find potential candidates.

Conduct Prescreening Interview for each candidate

Once a recruiter identifies a potential candidate, they conduct a Prescreening Interview to discuss line-by-line job responsibilities and requirements listed on the employer’s job description. Our recruiters also take into consideration the company culture and relative military experience when applicable. The recruiter will help candidates update their resume to include any missing information discovered during the Prescreening Interview.

Conduct proprietary Candidate Motivation Survey

Our proprietary Candidate Motivation Survey is a series of questions designed to help the recruiter discover what motivates a candidate and what level of commitment they are likely to have if they are offered the job.

Develop proprietary Candidate Snapshot

A Candidate Snapshot is written by each recruiter following the Prescreening Interview. The Candidate Snapshot provides the employer with additional insights about a candidate that may not be evident on the resume; for example, soft-skills a candidate possesses that the recruiter believes will make them an ideal fit not only for the position, but also for the culture of the company.

Submit resume and Candidate Snapshot to employer

Once the recruiter has reviewed the candidate’s resume and, if necessary, helped them prepare it in a professional manner, the resume and Candidate Snapshot are submitted to the employer partner for consideration.

Assist employer with scheduling candidate interview

When an employer partner is interested in moving a candidate forward for an interview, the recruiter will work with the employer partner to help coordinate a date and time with the candidate.

Provide feedback from candidate to employer

Following the candidate’s interview with the employer partner, the recruiter will conduct a post-interview follow-up with the candidate and provide relevant feedback to the employer.

Present employment offer to candidate

When an employer partner is ready to make an employment offer, the recruiter will work with the candidate to make certain they fully understand the opportunity and the total compensation package being presented. If necessary, the recruiter will help in the negotiation process to make sure both sides are mutually satisfied and the offer is accepted.